Crypto Art

Ethereum Cryptocurrency

Do you have some spare money you’d like to invest? Are you keen on experimenting with a novel asset class and, possibly, netting incredible profits? Then now’s the right time to invest in crypto art. This very year, CROSSROAD, a work by the artist Beeple, sold at a whopping $69.3 million – after bids started […]

Da Vinci or not?

Florenz, Leonardo da Vinci

In November 2017, the painting “Salvator Mundi” made the headlines because it was sold for a record $450 million. That’s the highest auction price ever paid for any work of art. Now, just four years later, the same work is all over the news again – because a new art catalog casts doubt on the […]

Scam Artist

Painting on the canvas with acrylic

FBI busts promising painter for selling forged art. Christian Rosa Weinberger, aka “Christian Rosa”, used to be a rising star of the art world. Unfortunately, he opted to become part of a scam scheme rather than building his own oeuvre. Now, Rosa is accused of selling at least four forged works, purportedly “Wave Series” paintings […]