The fascination of color

lngolf Kühn – was born in Vetschau (former German Democratic Republic) in 1953. He did not find his love for art and his unlimited creative genius until a later time. An event that made him unable to work brought him to the final turning point in his life. In the year 1985 he made the first experiences and attempts to approach painting which seemed surreal at first because he had no knowledge of technique or color theory. But in this process of discovery there was something that fascinated him and encouraged him to keep going. Thus, painting was a new “instrument” for him to get back into the flow to express himself and to feel alive again. THE FASCINATION OF COLOR captivated him and never let go from this point of life on. Since then, he creates so much of beautiful artwork which found its lovers very soon.


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The dream

In 1991, after the GDR ended, he wanted to sell American cars. Big American cars, typically with much brass for endless roads. Why should it not work in Brandenburg? It was the time of the general upheaval. The everyday living conditions changed radically, and nothing was the same anymore. He knew more about cars than most people but nothing about the business that went on in the West. Of course, that did not prevent him from crossing the Atlantic and buying cars of a special kind in America. A bank loaned him money and lngolf Kühn build up a “nobel-car dealership”. He dreamed of this idea and thought he would hit quite a big coup. His later success was due to the fact, that potential buyers of this class of cars could be counted on one hand. So, it was about time to think of something which combined the passion for cars and the painting. The result of the “misery” was a great idea which made him internationally famous beyond borders. He devoted himself to the art of the air brush and has clients from all over the world.

Only valid with corresponding certificate

It is a document added to the artwork. It’s credible proof of the work’s originality and its belonging to the originator’s authorship.

permanent exhibition until 2026
@MARITIM proArte

permanent exhibition at the Maritim proArte Hotel Berlin Good Vibration – Painting and Design from and with Ingolf Kühn. Take a look at some selected works by the artist Ingolf Kühn in the permanent exhibition at the Maritim proArte Hotel Berlin. Here you will find impressive exhibits on abstract art. The permanent exhibition runs until 2026.

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