about me

The fascination of color

lngolf Kühn – was born in 1953 in Vetschau (former East Germany) and found his love for art and his inexhaustible creative genius until a later time. An event which made him unfit to work, brought him the final turning point in his life. In the year 1985 there were the first experience and attempts to approach
the painting, which seemed surreal at first because he had no knowledge of technique or color theory. But in this process of discovery was something that fascinated him and encouraged to keep going. Thus the painting was a new “instrument” for him to get back into the river to express themselves and to feel alive again. THE FASCINATION OF COLOR caught him and let him never leave at this point of life. To he creates so much of beautiful works, which found their lovers very soon.

THE DREAM- 1991 after the end of the german inflection he want to sell american cars. big amercian cars typically with much brass for endless streets. Why should it not work in Brandenburg? It was the time of the general upheaval. Ordinary life conditions changed radically, nothing was as before. About cars he knew something more as the most peoples. Of transactions, as they did in the West, basically anything that did not prevent him, to cross the atlantic in America and buy car with a difference. A bank loaned him the money and lngolf Kühn build up in Brandenburg a “nobel-car dealership.” He dreamed of this idea and thought he hit the really big coup. His later success was due to the fact that potential buyers of this class of cars were counted on one hand. So it was about time to think of something … what did the passion come together to the car and painting. The result of the “misery” was a great idea, which came over the national borders, made internationally famous. He
devoted himself to the art of the air brush and has clients from all over the world.

“Creativity is the new combination of genetic information”

(Holm-Hadulla 2011)

In the creative process occurs the artist Ingolf Kühn often a special trance – called like a state, which is also called floating (flowing). He is not only fun, but gives him a reply to the question about the meaning of life. With all his work, he leaves his fingerprint to posterity. Today the artist Ingolf Kühn works in his studio in Cottbus in very different projects. The painting, the possibilities of airbrush, and the restoration of cars he can go up to the point of exhaustion.

Completion is his passion, perfection, especially of himself as an individual and collective being. Sometimes subtle, but always full of energy and never quiet.