…to the official website of the artist Ingolf Kühn, who has already worked for Michael Jackson, Joe Cocker and other greats of the world.

On this website we would like to give you an insight into the work and inform you about current exhibition dates.

about me

The fascination of color

lngolf Kühn – was born in 1953 in Vetschau (former East Germany) and found his love for art and his inexhaustible creative genius until a later time. An event which made him unfit to work, brought him the final turning point in his life. In the year 1985 there were the first experience and attempts to approach
the painting, which seemed surreal at first because he had no knowledge of technique or color theory. But in this process of discovery was something that fascinated him and encouraged to keep going. Thus the painting was a new “instrument” for him to get back into the river to express themselves and to feel alive again. THE FASCINATION OF COLOR caught him and let him never leave at this point of life. To he creates so much of beautiful works, which found their lovers very soon.

THE DREAM- 1991 after the end of the german inflection he want to sell american cars. big amercian cars typically with much brass for endless streets. Why should it not work in Brandenburg? It was the time of the general upheaval. Ordinary life conditions changed radically, nothing was as before. About cars he knew something more as the most peoples. Of transactions, as they did in the West, basically anything that did not prevent him, to cross the atlantic in America and buy car with a difference. A bank loaned him the money and lngolf Kühn build up in Brandenburg a “nobel-car dealership.” He dreamed of this idea and thought he hit the really big coup. His later success was due to the fact that potential buyers of this class of cars were counted on one hand. So it was about time to think of something … what did the passion come together to the car and painting. The result of the “misery” was a great idea, which came over the national borders, made internationally famous. He
devoted himself to the art of the air brush and has clients from all over the world.

“Creativity is the new combination of genetic information”

(Holm-Hadulla 2011)

In the creative process occurs the artist Ingolf Kühn often a special trance – called like a state, which is also called floating (flowing). He is not only fun, but gives him a reply to the question about the meaning of life. With all his work, he leaves his fingerprint to posterity. Today the artist Ingolf Kühn works in his studio in Cottbus in very different projects. The painting, the possibilities of airbrush, and the restoration of cars he can go up to the point of exhaustion.

Completion is his passion, perfection, especially of himself as an individual and collective being. Sometimes subtle, but always full of energy and never quiet.



In the following informations you will find my world wide exhibitions. If you are interested in your own exhibtion you can wrtie me an email and i will give you an offer.

  • 15.03.2018 exclusive theme „Fashion Charity Dinner 2018” at the Hotel Kempinski “Vier Jahreszeiten” in Munich
  • 2017 – 2026 Vernissage at the Maritim Pro Arte Berlin Hotel
  • 2016 Berlin GALERIE DJÉSANY „Two Positions“
  • 2011 Shanghai, China
  • 2010 Maritim Frankfurt a.M.
  • 2006 – 2016 Maritim pro Arte Berlin
  • 2005 Ägyptische Botschaft
  • 2006 Deutsche Bank Unter den Linden in Berlin
  • 2005 Ägyptische Botschaft
  • 2004 Cultural Foundation Abu Dhabi
  • 2001 Sparkasse Spree Neiße
  • 1998 Ausstellungen in Hongkong, Dubai, USA
  • 1998 Caravan Salon in Leipzig
  • 1997 Caravan Salon in Amsterdam (Rai)
  • 1997 Internationaler Caravan Salon in Bern (Schweiz)
  • 1997 Internationaler Caravan Salon in Düsseldorf
  • 1997 Internationale Funkausstellung (IFA) Berlin
  • 1996 world best airbrusher in New York (USA)
  • 1996 Caravan Salon in Düsseldorf
  • 1996 CeBit Hannover
  • 1996 ABF Hannover
  • 1996 Caravan Salon in Amsterdam (Rai)
  • 1996 International CMT Stuttgard
  • 1995 Adidas Hotel
  • 1995 Ausstellung im Herzogspark Herzogenaurach
  • 1995 Automechanika in Düsseldorf
  • 1995 Internationale Automobilausstellung (IAA) Hannover
  • 1994 Internationale Luftfahrtausstellung (ILA)
  • 1993 Airbrush Forum Castrop Rauxel
  • 1993 Internationaler Off Road in Köln


Here you can find some selected documentary films about the work and his life about Ingolf Kühn

  • documentary „Kühn und die Kunst“ filmmaker, producer and author: Ulli Gaulke
  • ZDF Blickpunkt
  • ARD Umschau
  • RTL „Guten Morgen Deutschland“
  • Satl Frühstücksfernsehen
  • 3sat Kulturreport
  • ORB Brandenburg aktuell und Abendjournal
  • MDR Donnerwetter
  • ARD Brisant
  • MDR Außenseiter – Spitzenreiter u.v.m.

commissioned creative work

    • H.H Sheikh Hamad bin Hamdan Al
      Nahyan aus den V.A.E.
    • Megastar Michael Jackson
    • Joe Cocker
    • Udo Lindenberg
    • Phantasialand Brühl
    • die Weltstars Siegfried und Roy in
      Las Vegas
    • Daimler Chrysler Berlin
    • Volkswagen Nutzfahrzeuge
    • Maritim Pro Arte Berlin
    • Hotelkette Holiday Inn
    • Telekom Deutschland
    • Wohnmobile Knaus
    • Wohnmobile Bürstner
    • Fluggesellschaft Heli Flight
    • Allianz Generalvertretung St. Buder Cottbus
    • R+V Versicherung
    • Shimano
    • Grundig
    • Adidas
    • Puma
    • Sparkasse Spree Neiße
    • Volks- und Raiffeisenbank
    • Berliner Salon Dr. Manfred Boese
    • Budai-Gruppe H. Heinig


Here we would like to present you an excerpt from previous works of the artist Ingolf Kühn.

Abstract art


Exhibition in Abu Dhabi


Industrial design

The world press about Ingo Kühn

Together with stars and influential personalities


permanent exhibition until 2026

permanent exhibition at the Maritim proArte Hotel Berlin Good Vibration – Painting and Design from and with Ingolf Kühn Take a look at some selected works by the artist Ingolf Kühn in the permanent exhibition at the Maritim proArte Hotel Berlin.